Open Video Annotation Project

Media-rich Video Annotation for the Web

Open Video Annotation Rich annotation editor

To support teaching, learning and research with web video.

Why it's important ?

To change the way we interact with video on the Web, to break the unidirectional discourse of online video by allowing viewers to express their own opinion, belief, attitude, feeling, sentiment, thoughts, position, or perspective about the content of the video they are watching.

There are many ways to take notes on digital texts but few solutions exist for web video. With the advent of online video-self-broadcasting, the number of video clips and hours of video footage consumed and produced has been growing exponentialy – to put it in perspective, by the middle of this decade two thirds of all internet traffic will be taken up by video. Along with this incredible media growth, there is a parallel need by consumers of video, such as students self-learners or teachers to engage with the content, take notes and add tags in a way that is analogous and as simple to do as with digital text.

The Solution

The Open Video Annotation Project offers a simple way for anyone to create media rich commentaries on fragments of video. Students and educators now can easily tag or take notes on a video, make revision study guides that are private or open to the public, share commentaries or engage in threaded discussions about a segment of a video. Researchers can mark or tag sectors of a video and add detailed notes that can be exported in common interoperaple text formats for further quatitative analysis.

Based on Open Technologies

  • Based on open-source javascript libraries
  • Extending Annotator Open Knowledge Foundation Project
  • Build on top of the Video.js the open source HTML5 video player
  • Compliant with Open Annotation data formats
  • Customizable and mashable with open API's
  • HTML5 components
  • Semantic tagging